Star Wars Date Night

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Well my husband is back home safe and sound just in time for the last few weeks of winter. Finding things to do in a small town is hard enough. Throw in single digit temps, or even below zero temps, it gets even more difficult. This just means you have to get a little creative with date nights, or just things to do in general. While my husband was gone I decided to throw him a Star Wars date night when he got back.

I did some research on Star Wars themed food and, no surprise, most of it was very unhealthy. I know what I did wasn't the healthiest either, but it was healthier than a lot of the options I had was a date night after all so we can splurge a little. Being a dietitian I couldn't help but try to make the meal as balanced as I could instead of planning for a bunch of fatty, carb filled appetizers. For this big event we had "Tie Fighter", "Yoda Ears", "Vader Potaters", "Solo Sammies", and "Wookie Cookies", all while watching Star Wars Episode IV.

I think he was very happy and surprised with the outcome!!

Here are some pictures of the food!

Here is the recipe I used for the tie fighters! I was out of cream cheese so I had to find a different solution to hold my cheese cubes up. After some digging, it turns out cheese and peanut butter makes for a tasty snack. I will say I was a little skeptical at first of trying this combination of foods, but it turned out great! This makes a great snack for yourself or a great appetizer at a party! I hope you enjoy getting creative with your friends and family for a fun time indoors when it's too cold or rainy out! Enjoy!

Tie Fighters


  • Crackers (I used Wheat Thins)

  • Cheese cubesPeanut butter (you can also use cream cheese is your too unsure about peanut butter and cheese)


  1. Spread peanut butter onto either side of the cheese cube and stick crackers to peanut butter. Repeat until desired amount is made.

Happy eating!!

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