90 Day 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Program designed to teach you how to honor your hunger cues, recognize emotional hunger vs real hunger, and learn to love your body again!

Are you ready to say “No thank you” to:

Trying to figure out how to reach your health goals on your own and being frustrated when things aren't working.


Guessing about the next best move you should make. Is it trying keto? Is it trying that new juice detox your coworker is raving about? So much information available, but no clear answer on where to start and what will work for you individually.


Wishing you could make progress towards your health goals without having a real plan to get you there. That’s like mixing a bunch of random ingredients together and hoping for the best. Chances are pretty good it won't turn out well...


Downloading all the free cheat sheets, diet plans, and eBooks on the internet and using them to reach your health goals, but even when short wins are reached an event comes and everything falls apart again....you are back to square one.


You have reached your weight loss goals!


You are eating the foods you LOVE and that fit into your lifestyle!


You are feeling confident, consistent, and full of energy!


You plan balanced meals with ease!


You are listening to your body’s hunger cues and honoring them!


You are making plans to stay consistent! So you can continue to live a life full of energy and freedom from diet culture!

Hi there!​

I am Lauren.

I’m a registered dietitian and nutrition coach.

I have personally struggled with emotional eating and positive body image.

Now I am able to  work through emotional eating in a healthy & productive way. In the process of it all I have learned to fall in love with my body. 


And I want to teach you to do the same. 


Let’s backtrack a little and let me share my journey  with you. 

Back in 2013 I had gain ~40 pounds just months after giving up on a very restrictive diet I was following. I was very hard on myself during this time, calling myself a failure and telling myself how I could never get anything right. I would eat, feel bad about myself, exercise to compensate for what I ate, and then start all over again the next day. My self-esteem and confidence had hit rock bottom! I was seeing no progress and I just felt defeated! Then it hit me. Since nothing I was reading online was helping me, I decided it was time to invest in myself. I decided that I was going to become the health and wellness expert that I couldn’t seem to find anywhere. 


So that is when I officially took the leap and changed my college major from nursing to nutrition and dietetics.


It began when I began my trek to becoming a registered dietitian.


After completing  a bachelor's degree in nutrition and dietetics where I officially learned that there is NO magic pill that will make me lose weight and love myself. 


I then got accepted into a competitive dietetic internship program where I began dabbling in mindful eating. After I completed my internship, I sat for my registered dietitian examination and PASSED!


My passion for learning everything about nutrition didn’t stop there I got accepted into a master's program in nutrition. 


After countless hours understanding the human body, our hunger cues, how our emotions & society played a huge part on how we eat I created a system that honored my hunger cues, and I learned how to trust my body! Which gave me killer confidence & self esteem. Turning to diets was a thing of the past because I knew that they didn’t work LONG TERM! 


Now I want you to learn what I did, and no you don’t need to go through 8 ++ years of schooling to do so!! 

​This is why I created EAT WELL, BE WELL BLUEPRINT! 

It’s time to see the light at the end of the tunnel and end the BINGE. REGRET. REPEAT CYCLE. 



is the next step to reaching your health goals, eating the foods you LOVE that fit into your lifestyle, boost your confidence, stay consistent, boost your energy levels, and stop feeling guilty about emotional eating!

What you will learn in


How to implement the mindful eating cycle into your lifestyle.

How to distinguish the difference between emotional hunger and real hunger.

How to remove food labels such as “good foods” and “bad foods” from your vocabulary.

How to plan balanced meals for the week with confidence.

How to formulate an individualized game plan to keep consistent and continue to reach your health goals.

How to reach your health goals and uplift your confidence!

What people are saying...

“The meal plan from Lil’ Slice of Health really helped simplify my week! I was able to do the prep work from the meal prep tips the day before which made dinner quick and easy. The recipes were easy to follow and delicious.”

– Ellen


EAT WELL, BE WELL BLUEPRINT brings your health goals to reality by teaching you the mindset and strategies you need! 

In this 12-week program we will meet every other week on a call and you will have daily messaging support from me in between sessions! 

EAT WELL, BE WELL BLUEPRINT will provide you with the tools you need to handle emotional eating in a healthy way, and break free from the binge, regret, repeat cycle!

This program also provides you with weekly meal plans, and since I want to teach you how to have sustainable, long lasting change, I am going to teach you how to create your own balanced meal plans so you are able to stay consistent and reach your health goals!


•12-weeks of individualized support and implementation

•1:1 coaching calls every other week

•Weekly CUSTOMIZED meal plans

•Daily messaging support Monday-Friday

•Weekly modules and exercises

•Access to a network with other Health Warriors

“Lil’ Slice of Health is run by an experienced and practicing dietitian. You’ll only received great tasting and healthy recipes here!”


“Great resource to get information about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles! Lauren makes it fun with personal anecdotes and stories! No judgement zone, just great advice!”

- Tori

ONE LAST THING before you go without applying to EAT WELL, BE WELL BLUEPRINT

Through my journey to dealing with emotional eating in a healthy way, I recognized after so much trial and error that freebies and cookie cutter diets weren't cutting it. I realized that they had only brought me full circle and I was never making any real, lasting change. 

This was when I realized I needed to invest in myself and my health to truly break this never ending cycle of emotional eating. This is when I decided to become the expert myself and apply what I learned from my professors to my life. After several months of working on myself and learning to trust my body was when everything clicked and change started to happen.  

The strategies I will teach you in my program are the same ones I used through this journey. I have seen so many women feel defeated and stuck in this emotional eating cycle because they can't seem to figure out what's not working with their diets. These women are overwhelmed with all of the misinformation available and their mindset has been corrupted by diet culture.

I wanted to stop this cycle for good, so that is why I created EAT WELL, BE WELL BLUEPRINT! I want to teach you everything I have learned and applied through my own experience and practice as a registered dietitian.

You know that you are meant to be able to live life to its fullest without obsessing over what and how much you are going to eat.

You KNOW that this is the NEXT STEP in your journey. 


I want you to truly listen to your intuition and stop thinking about everything that could go wrong. Focus on what YOU WANT out of life and how you can get there. 

I want this program to give you the freedom from food that you deserve, the energy you need to live your best life, and the confidence you desire to show up for yourself every single day!


I believe in you! I know YOU can do this!


I want to help you in this journey! I want you to be successful and reach your health goals in 2020! You are ready to take the steps to get there!

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